Liquid and heat quantity ultrasonic meter - ULTRASONIX CHT2

The liquid and heat quantity ultrasonic meter - ULTRASONIX CHT2 provides commercial registration of liquid and thermal energy for any systems of water and heat supplies.

The liquid and quantity of heat meter possesses the following features:
  • Complete commercial registration of the charge of liquid and thermal energy;
  • Works with any types of systems of heat supply;
  • Simplicity of connection in accordance with the principle of self-adjustment and self-diagnostics;
  • Reliability and the simplicity of operation connected to complete absence of moving parts;
  • Works with systems of remote data gathering;
  • Protection against non-authorized access.
The meter measures the following parameters:
  • The charge of liquid (heat-carrier) in two channels
  • Temperature of the heat-carrier in three channels
  • System pressure in three channels
  • Total operating time and idle time of the meter
  • Flow-measuring diameter section … from 20 mm up to 3000 mm.
  • Range of measurement of the charge (0,2-100) %
  • Working range of temperature of the heat-carrier 1-150 degrees centigrade
  • Operating pressure up to 1,6 mPa.
  • Capacity of consumption:
  • From a network 220V, 50Hz ... no more than 2,5 Watt;
  • From a direct current source of 12 V ... no more than 2,0 Watt
Some basic features of the meter:
  1. The sealed case of the device is produced on the basis of high-strength polypropylene, equipped with waterproof cable inputs for sensors connection.
  2. The measuring block consists of two modules manufactured in accordance with modern technology of surface mounting on the basis of component parts produced by companies Analog Devices, Atmel, Altera, Dallas Semiconductor.
  3. All accessible to the user information is displayed on the two-row liquid crystal indicator. The selection of the displayed parameters is made by a button pressing.
  4. The non-volatile archive of parameters of charge of liquid (heat-carrier), thermal energy and temperatures, has enough capacity for storage of average hourly parameters within 85 day and daily average values within 10 years.
  5. Malfunctions in operation are defined automatically, displayed on the indicator and stored in archive together with time of occurrence, duration and type of malfunction.
  6. Work with sensors of temperature and pressure of various types and a choice of charge sensors models depending on a range of measurement.
  7. Connection of meter sensors via cable of the length up to 150 meters.
  8. Control, management and counter condition and archive contents data reading via the infra-red port or standard interface RS-232C.
  9. An opportunity for several meters connection into a system of data gathering via RS-485 interface.
  10. Two standard analog outputs 0 … 5 mА and two impulse outputs with a galvanic outcome for the charge of liquid and thermal energy information display.
  11. Two additional pulse inputs for external sensors connection.
Charge of liquids registration, double purpose

Foreign analogues
There are some analogues in the Russian Federation, Denmark, Germany

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Made to order

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There is a complete set of maintenance documents

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