Radioizotope weighing cell LEB-1

Radioisotope weighing cell "LEB-1 SAC" is used in the automated paper and cardboard webs quality control systems and as a replacement of defective mass sensors when upgrading outdated quality control systems.

The weighing cell consists of two units (a transmitter and a receiver), mounted on the scanning device.
Physical operating principle of the weighing cell is based on the registration of the ionization chamber current induced by β-radiation, attenuated investigated material. The active element of the weighing cell is radioisotope Kg85 placed in a lead cylindrical case in compliance with health standards of gamma-radiation level. The current of the ionization chamber is amplified and transformed into the voltage which is further converted by ADC into 24-bit binary code processed by the microprocessor. According to the magnitude of the measured signal, the weight per square meter of a paper or paperboard web is calculated. Special measures for converting amplifier temperature stabilization were taken. The calibration of the device is automatic.

In order to integrate the device with industrial control systems it was equipped with a digital interface RS-232 or RS-485 (baud rate is up to 57.6 kilobaud) and high-speed and high-performance CAN interface (baud rate is up to 1 Megabaud).
The sensor has a large range of measured masses at high spatial resolution.

Technical characteristics:

Working element, kg 85
Range of measured masses, g/m2 40-1200
Accuracy of mass measuring, % ± 0,2
Operating range of ambient temperature, °С +5.. .+50
Dose rate of gamma-radiation:
- on the sensor surface, mcSv/h
- at a distance of 1 m, mcSv/h
< 100
< 3

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