Device for gas flow control at ion-plasma application of film coatings

Spectroscopic control system of coating deposit processes for vacuum-plasma technology consists of
- Compact two-channel diffraction spectrograph with microprocessor control
- Optical signal adapter (OSA)
- personal computer (PC)
- Software
- Operating manual

The system is destined for different vacuum deposition technology (magnetron sputtering, thermal spraying, electron-beam deposition, etc.)
The system is destined for control in spectral ratio reflection surface samples first of all. The samples can be moved in deposition process or can be immovable.
As general information diagram spectral reflection ratio (%) and wave-length (nm) for full spectral range is being displayed.
The system provides express postoperative control and registration reflectance spectrum and transmission spectrum deposited coating and you can print results

General performance attributes:
  1. Operating spectral range from 380 to 860 nm.
  2. It can be changed by request customer (can be moved to ultraviolet or can be added ultraviolet range.
  3. Spectral resolution not worse than 1.5 nm
  4. Computer operates system and indicates results.
  5. Is working condition installing not more than 5 minutes.
  6. Continuous running is not less than 24 hours.
  7. Registration is a continuous process with time exposition 16 ms.
  8.  Working range for environmental temperature is from +15 to +35 oC.
Customization and adjustment system, graphically check reflection coefficient for samples at whole operating spectral range, comparison logged data spectral characteristics in process of deposition with characteristic the best sample or standard sample, change reflection coefficient check in any point of spectral range.
Express postprocess inspection and regisration reflectance spectrum and transmission spectrum, keep, viewing, processing and print check results can be obtained with a help of our software.