Multi-function measuring system for mining equipment diagnosis VOLMA

The mobile computerized measuring system VOLMA was designed for monitoring and express diagnosis of equipment and control systems of mine hoist installations and the main fans.
The system was developed to order of Belaruskaliy Ltd. (Soligorsk) where it is widely used by repair and testing service. It has passed the metrological certification.

The system includes an oscillographic type measuring module, multifunctional measuring module and a specialized software.

The oscilloscope module
provides measurement, visualization and registration of electrical signals via 8 channels simultaneously, as well as control of logic (relay) control and status signals.
It measures:
  • low-tension DC and AC voltage;
  • high-tension DC and AC voltage with the use of external high voltage bleeders;
  • DC via equivalent voltage measurement on current shunts;
  • AC and DC via current pincers.
All measuring channels are galvanically isolated from each other and from the interface (up to 1500 V).

The measuring module provides measuring and registration of signals simultaneously via several measuring channels:
  • deformation of the brake linkage;
  • pressure in the brake system;
  • speed and position of the container in a mine;
  • time points of the break the brake chain.

  • Industrial metrology laboratories
  • Services of debugging and maintenance of hoisting equipment
Commercial offer
  • Sale of devices
  • Device adaptation for a customer