Computer measuring system VIKMA-2


  The complex for multiparameter express diagnostics of machines and mechanisms VIKMA-2 is
  designed for simultaneous complex measuring, recording and analysis of various characteristics
  of mechanisms.


The device provides vibro-acoustic holds and kinematic measuring of:
• acoustic noise
• vibration
• kinematic error
• deformation
• temperature
• pressure, etc.

The complex has 8 measuring channels for mounting of vibration or acoustic ICP- sensors, 2 kinematic channels, 4 channels for bridge sensors. The measuring unit is galvanically isolated via USB 2.0 interface. The duration of the continuous registration (twenty-four hours) is limited only by memory capacity (hard disk) of the control computer.

• Industry
• Operation and maintenance of machines and mechanisms

Commercial offer
• Sale of the devices
• Adaptation of the devices for a particular customer