Domestic ultrasonic gas meters ULTRASONIX GUK G1.6 & G2.5 and G4 & G6


Ultrasonic gas meters are designed for measurement and commercial account of gas consumed in residential and public buildings, and can be used in automated systems for account, control and regulation.

Dimension types

The series includes four dimension types in two versions: G1.6 & G2.5 and G4 & G6
  • Provide extended range of measurement;
  • Have a channel of gas flow measurement, temperature measurement channel and pressure setting software;
  • Have a built-in corrector of temperature and pressure, ensure gas flow account, reduced to standard conditions;
  • The meters are powered from a built-in lithium battery with a nominal voltage of 3.6 V;
  • Non-volatile memory provides storage of hourly, daily and monthly values of measured parameters.

The meters measures gas flow, volume and temperature in working conditions. According to measured parameters and pressure set of the gas network, the meter calculates the flow rate and gas volume, corrected to standard conditions.
The gas flow velocity is measured by built-in ultrasonic flow meter according to time difference of the ultrasonic signal downstream and upstream. The flow meter design is based on the scheme with alternate switching of electro-acoustic transducers on the emission and reception of ultrasonic signals.

Main characteristics

Flow rate parameters:
Flow meter type G1.6 G2.5 G4  G6
 Maximum gas flow rate Qmax, m3/h  2.5  4.0  6.5  10.0
 Nominal gas floe rate Qnom, m3/h  1.6  2.5  4.0  6.0
 Minimal gas flow rate Qmin, m3/h  0.01 0.016   0.025  0.04
 Sensitivity threshold of the flow meter Q0, m3/h  0.004  0.004  0.01  0.01
 Relative error of the reduced rate measurement is lower than, %        
 within the range of Qmin up to 0.1Qnom  ± 2  ± 2  ± 2  ± 2
 within the range of 0.1Qnom up to Qmax  ± 1  ± 1  ± 1  ± 1
 Size of thу meter, mm   110х80х55   70x120x60

Additional channels and parameters
Number of flow measurement channel – 1
Measured environment – all gases
Gas temperature range – from -25 to +55 °C
Temperature measurement error – 0.5 °C
Maximum overpressure - 100 kPa

Relative error of measurement
operating time and downtime – 0.01%

Voltage – lithium battery of 3.6 V
Battery life – not less than 8 years
Level of the flow meter case protection– IP54

Data output
Indicator – Specialized LCD display
Code outputs – RS-232 / USB or RS-485
Displayed data: current flow rate, temperature, accumulated value, archive data

Archive of hourly data – 5 months
Archive of daily data – 5 years
Archive of monthly data – 10 years

Stored information
Volume, reduced volume, average hourly and average daily temperatures, operating time, downtime, faultiness with the indication of its type, time of occurrence and troubleshooting time

Distinctive features
• Absence of tuning and adjusting elements.
• Self-calibration after installation at the object or change of the working environment.
• Automatic adjustment of transceiver tract parameters ("window adjustment") in the process.
• Adaptive changes of measurement parameters ("dynamic averaging"), depending on the gas flow dynamics.
• Processing of the measured data with rejection of invalid results ("Selection of measurement") ensures high accuracy and reliability of the meter.
• Vast dynamic range of flow rate measurement (flow rate sensitivity threshold is 1/1000 of Qmax) enables to detect and fix gas leaks.
• Non-volatile archive saves the values of average temperatures, flow rate and volume of gas consumed: hourly values (for 5 months), daily values (for 5 years) and monthly values (for 10 years). There is a faultiness archive of with the indication of its type and time of occurrence in a meter and gas supply system.
• Ability to read data via standard serial interface.

The device is certified in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation

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