9-channels matrix hybrid temperature-controlled head for registration of impulse light signals in a wide dynamic range of intensities


Registration of spatial distributed impulse light flows in a wide range of intensities (from 25 photoelectrons)


The temperature-controlled 9-channel matrix hybrid microcircuit contains crystals of micropixel avalanche photodiodes and represents a brand-new precision optoelectronic device. It is the first time when a multichannel (9-channels) integrated microcircuit driver amplifier Ampl-9.1 was created for recording of signals from a calorimetric photodiode. It reduces significantly power consumption and the time needed to switch optoelectronic devices into the operation mode while maintaining the basic static and dynamic parameters.

The optic head has the following characteristics:

number of optic ports 9 (3 × 3 matrix)
input optical bundle 6.5 mm, 17 optic fibers: 16 signal fibers and a testing fiber connected with a light-emitting diode
optic port via Winston concentrator
photodetector micropixel avalance phodiode MAPD-3N *
light collecting efficiency 90 %
driver amplifier microelectronic circuit Ampl-9.1 **
operating temperature range, °С 14÷40
temperature accuracy, °С ±0.1
temperature setting time, min 1
average power consumption, W 1.75
maximal power consumption, W 2.75

* Micropixel avalanche photodiode MAPD-3N (~ 135,000 cells; supply voltage ~ 90 V; amplification 5-7x10⁴; one-electron dark noises 5 MHz; capacity 100 ÷ 200 pF; quantum efficiency of 25% at the wavelength of about 520 nm)

** Ordered microelectronic circuit Ampl-9.1 (current-voltage conversion factor - 0.077 mV/µA; charge-voltage conversion factor - 4.17 mV/pC; peak time at the CD = 200 pF, Tr = 40 ns; duration of the output signal by levels 0.1-0.1, 110 ns, the maximum magnitude of the output signal Uout max = 1.0 V; maximum input charge Qinp = 240 pC; input noise current (rms) at CD = 300 pF, Inoise = 180 nA; the dynamic range when CD = 300 pF, DD = 97 dB (> 14 bits) at the lowest boundary of the luminous flux of 25 photoelectrons.

Foreign analogues

The analogue of the device is the optoelectronic device with discrete avalanche photodiodes and amplifiers with discrete elements of the electromagnetic Shashlik calorimeter of the experiment COMPASS-II (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland).

P&D protection

In this subject-matter the authors of the development have two Russian patents and eight certificates on microcircuits topology. The certificate on the stated microcircuit topology is №165 from 07.14.2014 BY.

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  • Optoelectronics.

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