Single-and dual-channel digital oscilloscope series BORDO: (PCI) and V-211/V-221/V-222 (USB) V-411/V-421

Digital single-channel oscillographs are intended for registration and research of electric signals.

Digital oscillographs of series BORDO are designed as a PC-card with PCI interface.
Input bandwidth 120 MHz

150 MHz
Maximal digitization frequency of the input signal 100 [Мvyb/sec]
Equivalent frequency of digitization for repeating signals 20 [Gvyb/sec]
Active input resistance 1 mOhm
Input type open / closed
Vertical resolution 10 bits
Deviation factors - vertical: (with step 1-2-5) 10 mV/de.. 1 V/del
Scanning factors (1 del = 100 pixels) 5 nanoseconds / del.. 50 millisecond/del
Range of synchronization frequencies 10 G... 110 MHz

Integrated software BORDO works under operational system Microsoft Windows 9X/2K/NT/XP.


  • Radio electronics
  • Radio engineering
  • Instrument making
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Power engineering
  • Scientific researches
  • Double purpose

Foreign analogues
Being one of first-ever virtual oscillographs, our products gained the attention of experts of such leading firms as LeCroy and Gould where they have been tested and received high estimation

Condition of production
Small-scale manufacture

Copyright protection
No patent certificate has been taken out yet

to record and examine electric signals in different branches of science and engineering

Performed as attachments to a PC and the corresponding software

Computer interface USB 2.0
Channels count 1 (B–411), 2 (B–421)
Input path transmission width 150 MHz
digitization maximal frequency 100 Мsam/s (for signle signals), 20 Gsam/s (for repetition signals
ADC resolution 10 bit
Storage maximal length 128 Кentries

  • signal spectral analysis (FFT)
  • automatic an cursor measurements
  • radio electronics
  • radio engineering
  • instrument making
  • machine building
  • power engineering
  • research
Foreign analogues
Unavailable in CIS countries

Terms of cooperation
Small-batch production