Multifunctional measuring system - UNIPRO

  • The multifunctional measuring system is intended for research and generation of analog and digital electric signals. It works in a mode of remote control through interfaces ERR/ESR, RS-232 of any certified computer such as IВМ PC.
  • The integrated software is developed for the operational system Microsoft ® Windows 9Х/2К/NT/ХР
  • The complex has the block design providing flexible, reconfigurable structure.
  • Its configuration can be constructed of optional combination of measuring blocks included into the base set, including besides the case with power supply unit B-101 and the block of interface B-111, the following measuring blocks:
  • The block of digital oscillograph B-121;
  • The block of the arbitrary shape signals generator B-131;
  • The block of logic analyzer B-141.
  • In the course of process of development, the structure of the complex may be enhanced with new versions of measuring blocks.
  • The complex provides automatic correction and stabilization of its parameters.
Line supply 220 volt, 50 Hz
Power consumption of the base configuration of the complex no more than 70 wat

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Power
  • Transport
  • Aircraft engine production
  • Machine-tool construction
  • Aviation and armoured production
  • Double purpose
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