Histogrammic time intervals measuring device - GIVI-M В-471

Histogrammic time intervals measuring device is a multistop time - code converter, aimed for measurement of time intervals and their statistical distributions in experiments conducted in accordance with the start-stop technique. Some of the most important advantages of the system are absence of "dead" time while conducting multistop registration of events and means of hardware histogramming of measuring cycles results. It allows to use the system for researches of high-intensity streams of signals in wide time ranges. GIVI-M has the built-in system of automatic calibration.

GIVI-M has two models:
  • B-171 is designed as the measuring module which is built in into the measuring complex UNIPRO;
  • B-371 is designed as the separate device connected to a computer.

Basic characteristics:
Number of input measuring channels 2
Peak range of input signals + (-) 4 In (50 Ohm)
Range of discrimination level adjustment + (-) 3V
Step of input signals digitization 2,5 nanoseconds
"Dead" time after registration of an event 5 nanoseconds
Width of the histogram channel 2,5, 5, 10, 20, 30, …. nanosecond
Maximum number of histogram channels 64 K
Maximal number of events accumulated in one channel of the histogram 2 exp. 32
Time uncertainty of binding to the input starting clock pulse 10 nanoseconds
Formation of the target clock pulse adhered to a basic series for elimination of uncertainty of bindings to entrance starting clock pulse  

Computer interfaces:

  • parrallel port
  • ЕСР/ЕРР protocols
  • serial port RS-232
  • universal port USB
Power supply - 220 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption - 10 Watt

Scientific trends in physics

Foreign analogues
There are no known analogues

Condition of production
Small-scale manufacture

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