Arbitrary shape signal generator (PC expansion card) - AGENT


Aimed at electric signals generation


The generator is produced in the form of a PC expansion card with PCI interface. With the help of generator 'AGENT' it is possible:
  • To form any standard function or their combination (continuous current voltage, triangular waveform, sine waveform, square waveform, exponential waveform, gauss (white) noise);
  • To set required function analytically, with the help of mathematical formulas and a set of functions;
  • To reproduce the real experimental signal received with the help of a digital remembering oscillograph.
The generator provides automatic calibration and fine tuning of the amplitude of the formed signal depending on the connected loading.

The generator with the help of built-in controls provides measurement of working voltage value of electric signals.

Amplitude characteristics:

Output resistance of the channel - 50 Ohm

Ranges of output voltage of formed signals, not less:
  • working on loading with active resistance 1 kOhm + - 3V and + - 8V
  • working on loading with active resistance 50 Ohm + (-) 1,5V and + (-) 4V
Controls' digit capacity - 14 bits

Voltage resolution is not worse 0,4 mV (a range + (-) 3 V) and 1 mV (a range + (-) 8 V)

Two built-in analog filters of low frequencies:
Butterworth filter and Bessel filter with cutoff frequency of 50 MHz

Time-and-frequency characteristics:
Frequency of discretization of any form signals - 0,25 Hz … … 100 MHz

Time of increase / recession for dropping 16V, is not worse than 10 nanoseconds

Ranges of signals formation frequencies:
The sine waveform and triangular waveform 0,1 Hz … 10 MHz
The rectangular waveform 0,1 Hz … 50 MHz
The basic relative error of signal frequency installation does not exceed + (-) 0,002 %
The maximal memory length 128K of access
Integrated software 'AGENT' works under operational system Microsoft Windows 9X/2K/NT/XP

Radio electronics, radio engineering, instrument making, mechanical engineering, power engineering, scientific researches, double purpose

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Small-scale manufacture

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