Analog-digital port B-381 (В-181)


The analog-digital port is a multichannel input / output system of analog and digital signals.

It includes:
  • 4-channel ADP for input in a computer and processing of analog signals;
  • 4-channel DAP for arbitrary shape signals generation ;
  • The 16-channel logic analyzer / generator for digital signals input / output.
Model B-181 is designed as the measuring module which is built in the measuring complex UNIPRO.

Model B-381 is designed as the separate device connected to a computer.

Key ADP parameters:  
Number of measuring channels 4
ADP digit capacity 14 bits
Speed 100 Kvyb/sec per channel
Simultaneous sampling on all channels  
Input resistance not less than 1 MOhm
Range of entrance signal + (-) 5 V, + (-) 10 V
Inputs protection + (-) 20 V
Key DAP parameters:  
Number of channels 4
DAP digit capacity 12 bits
Setup time 10 microseconds
Output range + (-) 10 V
Key parameters of the logic analyzer / generator:  
Type of logic CMOS
Configuration options:  
Number of inputs Number of outputs
16 0
12 4
8 8
4 12
0 16
Basic parameters:  
Maximal length of the built-in memory 64 Kvyb
Types of synchronization internal /external
Sources of clocking internal /external
Computer interfaces:  
parallel port  
ECP/EPP protocols  
serial port RS-232  
universal USB-port  
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Consumption 10 Watt

  • Measuring system program Avant 1.0
  • Driver B-181 for Windows 9X/2K/NT/XP
  • Technical documentation and library of additional functions for B-181 in order to use it as the built-in device
  • Examples of the use of the driver for Visual C ++, Delphi 4.0
Mechanical engineering, power, transport, aircraft engine production, machine-tool construction, aviation and armoured technical equipment, double purpose

Foreign analogues

There are some analogues in Europe

Condition of production
Small-scale manufacture

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