Mobile hardware-software complex for diagnostics of machines and environmental monitoring


Digitizing signals from virtually any type of sensor (eg, vibration, deformation, pressure, temperature) include bridge, the output of which is an electric charge, voltage or current. Storage and transmission of information. The device is designed to operate in the territorial-distributed monitoring, diagnosis and management.

Product description

Complex structure:

The main part of the complex for computer systems for monitoring, diagnosis and control management is a multichannel hardware-software data-acquisition and data inputs module (DAM) .
The module can be used both individually and within the measurement and information systems in experimental studies of various processes or technical condition of industrial equipment monitoring. DAM enables connection of pulse sensors and measuring of repetition period of the output pulse that is needed to determine the speed of rotation, balancing and holding simultaneous ( sequence ) analysis .

Sensors to be connected count 10
ACD bit size, bit 12
Data rate , bit/s 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 or 230400
Voltage, V + 9...18
Consuming power, W not more than 5
Size, mm 300x200x80
Weight, kg not more than 0,5

The data acquisition module works under the control of a PC or laptop computer of type of "Notebook", executes the commands received from it on one of the serial RS-232 or RS-485 . At the same time RS-485 interface allows connection to one computer to 32 DPA with the total length of the link up to 1km . Data exchange between the DPA and the computer is carried out via protocol Modbus / ASCII.

Stage of Development

Three prototypes have been made

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