Metrological system to certify remote probing video-spectral equipment - KAMELIA -М


The product is intended for high-precision calibration of the video-spectral equipment and for certification of various sources and receivers of radiation, optical gauges and systems in the range of 0,35-2,5 micrometers.


Spectral range, micrometers 0,35-2,5
Diameter of photometric sphere, mm 600
Diameter of an outcome of photometric sphere, mm 240
Range of photometric sphere on 0,7 micrometers, Vt/sm sq. micrometer app. 0-3,62х10 (-2)
Dynamic range of brightnesses change of the white clarifier, provided by a source, decibel 50
Reference source - reference measuring photometric lamp TRU 1100-2350
Composite accuracy of the complex radiation output parameters onto the radiation scale (no more than), % 0,35 micrometers - 7, within the visual and short-range IK-4
The range of conducted measurements angular, spectral-energy, polarizing, calibrations of spectral and video systems


Laboratory calibrations on waves lengths and power parameters of spectral and video-systems, double purpose

Foreign analogues

Corresponds to a global level of optical measuring systems. there are no analogues in the Republic of Belarus

Condition of production

Pre-production model

Copyright protection

Certificate BelRUPGIM (GOSSTANDART - State Standard Certificate) on metrological certification of means of measurements № 13231 issued on 30.09.2003