Metrological equipment

Metrological system to certify remote probing video-spectral equipment - KAMELIA -М

The product is intended for high-precision calibration of the video-spectral equipment and for certification of various sources and receivers of radiation, optical gauges and systems in the range of 0,35-2,5 micrometers.


Absorptive millimeter range wave meters

To measure the wavelength in millimeter range, frequencies non-stabilities. Applied as passive standards in radio technical circuits for frequency stabilization. Three modifications of wave meters have been developed (for various frequency ranges).


Mobile hardware-software complex for diagnostics of machines and environmental monitoring

The complex was designed for digitization of signals from virtually any type of sensors (e.g., vibration, deformation, pressure, temperature), including the torque bridge, the output of which is the electrical charge, voltage or current. The other function of the complex is storage and transmission of information.


A measuring complex for elevator car movement control START-M-2

The complex was designed for wireless control of the vibration acceleration value and the value of vibration velocity during movement of the elevator car, registration of the distance covered, positioning of the elevator cab in the lift shaft, and for other purposes.