Thermostatic system to measure oil products viscosity THERMOSTAT-А

Thermostatic measuring system THERMOSTAT-А to measure oil products viscosity is intended for creation and maintenance of the set temperature of a working environment within the interval from +15 degrees centigrade up to +100 degrees centigrade.

The device is supplied with the automatic temperature monitoring and regulation system, the digital indicator of the current temperature and the electronic seconds counter.

Electronic control provides maintenance of temperature in a working zone with the accuracy of 0,01 degrees centigrade for definition of kinematic viscosity of oil products according to GOST 33 or checking of thermometers, temperature gauges.
Thermostating range from 15 up to 100 degrees centigrade
Absolute error of temperature measurement no more + (-) 0,01 degrees centigrade
Errors of temperature maintenance no more than 0,01 degrees centigrade
Volume of the working chamber 10 + (-) 0,5 l
Number of simultaneously installed thermometers or viscosimeter 4 items
Power consumption no more than 1,25 kw
Weight no more than 16 kg

  • Checking of thermometers, temperature gauges
  • Definition of viscosity of oil products
Foreign analogues
Basic characteristics of the given product correspond to a level of the best foreign analogues

Condition of production
Small-scale manufacture

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