Measuring-calculating complex to control resistance thermal resistance converter IST-М16

The complex is designed to measure resistance of thermal resistance converters (TRC), to convert the measured resistance into temperature value under STANDARD 6651 and to carry out automated control (calibration) of TRC under STANDARD 8.461 and STB EN 1434-1-2004.
It enables automatic 2-/3-point check of TRC (particularly those included into heat counters) storing the results in the data base and printing the check protocol. Up to 48 TRCs can be checked simultaneously. Selection of pairs among checked TRCs

The delivery set includes:

  • High-precision thermostats to create temperature-controlled environment in several temperature intervals
  • Measuring unit (commutator), for data switching, its processing and transmission from the checked thermal converters to PC
  • Data processing unit , its storing and check results display (PC)
Temperature maintenance stability, °С ± 0,0 1
Temperature homogeneity, °С/cmм 0,008
resistance measuring range , Ohm from 0 to 2000
Temperature maintenance range, °С from - 80 to +250
The number of simultaneously checked converters, pieces up to 48