Oil products flow automatic measuring device ITT

To measure the temperature of oil products flow in laboratory conditions under GOST 20287


The device includes
  • Cool chamber
  • thermostat bath
  • electronic control unit
  • auxiliary mechanism to displace oil product sample.
ITT provides measuring and digital indication of oil sample temperature , the environment in the thermostat bath, as well as maintenance of certain temperature in the thermostat bath, cool chamber control and oil product sample displace mechanical node. The auxiliary mechanism to displace oil product sample is designed for visual control of oil product flow process.

Oil product sample ambient temperature measurement range in the bath -60 (213 °К)

+50 °С
Temperature measurement maximal absolute error ± 1 °С
The full cycle of extraction and inverted plunge of the test tube with oil product should not exceed 3 sec
The time of exposure of the oil product test tube horizontally should be at least 5 sec


Chemical and oil industries


By-request manufacture and sale