Reference gauger of temperature


Verification of thermostats, thermometers, temperature sensors, temperature measurement.
Designed to measure ambient temperature in the range from 193 to 934 ° K (-80 ° C ... +660 ° C) with an accuracy of 0,001 ° K, as well as for use as a reference when measuring instrument calibration of measuring of a lower accuracy class.


• The product includes a measuring unit and immersed platinum resistance thermometer with nominal impedance of 100 ohms
• Internal microcontroller converts the measured resistance in the temperature according to the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90)
• RTD is connected to the measuring unit via four-wire
• Two independent channels allow to record the temperature measurement or electrical resistance sensors at two points, as well as to measure the temperature difference or electrical resistances
• Use the RS-232 sockets allows to transfer data from the meter unit to the computer


Absolute accuracy of the measuring unit 0,001 °С
Absolute temperature measurement error 0,005 °С
Temperature measurement range ( -80..... +660 °С) 193-934 °K
Nominal level of quantization 0,0001 °С
Measurement time 1,3 s

Counterparts Company XART SCIENTIFIC, USA. No analogues in the CIS

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