Automated recorder of oil products flash temperature - Vspyshka

Automatic registration of oil products flash temperature in open and closed crucible АТF "VSPYSHKA - A". Instead of two manual devices (TFC and ТFО) one automatic device.

The major consumer feature of the given device is speed and accuracy of oil products quality estimation according to GOST 4333 (ISO 2592) and GOST 6356 (ISO 2719).


Has no analogue in the world analytical equipment market.

Range of determined temperatures of flash:
  • In open crucible - from 102 up to 280 degrees centigrade.
  • In closed crucible - from 30 up to 260 degrees centigrade.
Absolute error of flash temperature definition is no more than 2 degrees centigrade.

Speed of heating of test sample before flash - from 5 up to 6 degrees centigrade/minute.

Volume of test sample - 15 ml.

Power consumption - no more than 0,7 kilowatt/А.


Quality control of oil products

Foreign analogues
No analogues

Condition of production
Small-scale production

Maintenance documents

Certificate type N 2301

Copyright protection
The device is registered at the SRMM (State Registrar of Means of Measurements) of the Russian Federation N 19256-00, SRMM of Ukraine N RB 0310020995, SRMM of Belarus N 0310020995