High Q-factor microwave resonators with rarified spectrum of eigen oscillation in frequency range from 0,6 to 405 GHz

The high Q-factor resonators are used to make the high-quality generators of the radar and navigation systems, to carry out the the spectrum and frequency measurements, to measure the material parameters, to carry out the physical investigations.

The microwave resonators are applied:
  • at the microwave electronic: the resonance and stabilization generator systems
  • at the measurement technique: wavemeters, filters, signal spectrum measurement systems, frequency discriminators
  • at the experimental physics: spectroscopy, material parameter measurement systems
  • as well at the elementary particlies accelerators
  • at the golography
  • at the radioastronomy
  • etc.
Main technical parameters
Frequency range 0,6...405 GHz
Q-factor 60000...100000
VSWR <1,5
Resonator types (23 models) cylindrical coaxial


open quasyoptical

The resonators are make of termostable material, the inside surface - silver or gold. They have small weight and dimentions. There is the electronic tuning of frequency.

Price: from 1800$ to 6500$ depend on frequency range and technical parameters of the resonators.

Copyright protection
5 copyright certificates; patent of the Russian Federation N 1741201 issued on 16.01.93