High Q-factor microwave resonators with rarified spectrum of eigen oscillation in frequency range from 0,6 to 405 GHz

The high Q-factor resonators are used to make the high-quality generators of the radar and navigation systems, to carry out the the spectrum and frequency measurements, to measure the material parameters, to carry out the physical investigations.


Microwave oscillator

Microwave oscillators are used as heterodyne oscillators in digital and analog coherent systems, radiorelay stations, systems of satellite TV, and also in the various measuring equipment.


Microwave components (modulators, mixers, detectors, attenuators, switches, directional couplers, matched load)

Microwave components are used for signal processing and transforming in various microwave systems and can be produced in various construction (microstrip, coaxial, waveguide).


Device for electronic tuning of millimeter-wave frequency

The devices for electronic tuning of millimeter-wave frequency can be used in high-Q systems of resonators rearrangement (coaxial, cylindrical, quasioptical, corrugated), in generators phase lock systems, in frequency stabilization systems for low-noise oscillators, in frequency modulation systems, and for scientific studies (measurement of the signal’s spectrum, measurement of the electrodynamic parameters of materials).


The amplitude and phase noise meter for radar and communication systems

The noise measurement system is designed for performing high sensitivity measurement of the amplitude and phase noise of the radar and communication systems components - oscillators, amplifiers, mixers. The amplitude noise measurement is realized in the circuitry of the microwave amplitude detector with the input power - 100 mW. The phase noise measurement is realized in the circuitry of the two-channel frequency discriminator with the input power - 1 mW.


Nanomaterials electrophysical characteristics UHF frequency measuring bench

The device is designed for studying of nanomaterials in SHF range.