Elements of metal optics for application in laser physics and optoelectronics

The product is designed for obtaining of optical mirror surfaces of ultra-high frequency of different shapes. The process is carried out by diamond turning of nonferrous metals and alloys.


Permissible dimensions of the items, diameter up to 500 mm
Roughness of the machined surface Ra~ 0,004 mcm
Planeness of the machined surface N=0,25; n="3" (within the range of 100 mm)

Scientific and technical production:
  • Copper mirrors for high power industrial CO-2 lasers for metal cutting, including repair of mirrors and restoration of their original specifications;
  • Aluminum and copper basis for electronics products;
  • Flat aluminum and copper optical mirrors of different shapes;
  • Radiation concentrators for laser equipment;
  • Multifaceted mirror prisms used in different scanning devices including fast processes recorders;
  • Copper heat sinks for electronic products and high-power semiconductor lasers;
  • Hybrid heat sinks based on synthetic diamonds and oxygen-free copper;
  • copper targets of X-ray tubes
  • Matrixes of different raster structures
  • Products of household purposes (nameplates, gas rings, lip rings, collectors, electrodes, etc.)
  • Final polishing of precious metal measuring bars and jewelry
  • Metal working
  • Optical and electronic industry
Offer: items made to order