Designer programmable LED screen SQUARES BOARD

Application area:
  • Promotional VideoBoards
  • Scrolling text
  • Digital watch
  • Information boards
  • LED logos
  • Ceiling and wall light

The advantage of the product is light-emitting surfaces of complex shape based on a large area of pixels, which allow to reduce power consumption and cost of the system.
  • Design of complex-shaped screens
  • Own software
  • Self-developed electronics
  • Remote network control
  • Wireless access
  • Screens varies in size, number of pixels and functionality
The technology of the screen creation enables to manufacture a light-emitting surface with an optimal shape of the diffusing grid and arrangement of radiating elements for control of the pixel size and radiation pattern of the imaging light-emitting surface.

The technical result is a light-emitting surface consisting of volumetric luminous cells that generate an image in the form of a complex-shaped surface, which can be used in the form of information screens and illuminators.

The remote control of the screen is implemented through the program “LED Board Access, which solves a whole complex of tasks related to creating and displaying custom content on the screen. The program enables to create themes consisting of standard elements, such as:
  • Clocks
  • Text
  • Scrolling text
  • Image
  • Animation
Each element has customizable properties, e.g., the font, size and color of the scrolling line, background color, position on the screen, text movement speed, animation, transparent background, etc. All elements can be positioned on the screen area and moved across layers.

The themes can be displayed according to a schedule. Thus, the task scheduler allows one to set the time and date to display the any content. User-created themes are combined into a project that is downloaded to the screen in the local Internet network connected via Wi-Fi.