Laser systems and optics

Liquid crystal compounds, LC mixtures and liquid crystal

Liquid crystal compounds, LC mixtures and liquid crystal are designed for information display of electrooptical devices: TN, STN, TFT and FLC, displays and screens of large information capacity (indicators, PC displays, TV screens) of liquid crystals.


Elements of metal optics for application in laser physics and optoelectronics

The elements of metal optics are designed for production of optical mirror surfaces of ultra-high frequency and of different shapes. They are obtained by diamond turning of nonferrous metals and alloys.


Designer programmable LED screen SQUARES BOARD

The advantage of the product is light-emitting surfaces of complex shape based on a large area of pixels, which allow to reduce power consumption and cost of the system.


Liquid-crystal compounds. Bistable Smart Windows

Smart Windows are liquid-crystal bistable panels based on the effect of electrohydrodynamic instability and liquid-crystal materials