Specific integrated circuits for gas-filled particle detectors Ampl-8.3 and Disc-8.3

Integrated circuits (IC) are developed for gas wire detectors used in high-energy physics experiments with use of bipolar technology.

Integrated circuit DOM Disk-8.3:
Range of signal transmission delay 15-36 nanoseconds
Duration of the output signal front / recession on loading 110 Ohm 2,2 nanoseconds / 1,8 nanoseconds
Dissipation power 84 mWt/channel
  • The circuit can work on a 10-meter flat ribbon cable or on a twisted-pair cable with differential receiver DS90C031 on the other end
  • Integrated circuit is manufactured in 48-output quadrilateral plastic case for surface mounting
Integrated circuit DOM Ampl-8.3:
Factor of transformation with loading 1 kOhm 140 mV/mcА
Drawn to an input root-mean-square level of noise at an input capacity of 0 [pF] and 60 [pF]accordingly 40 nA and 110 nA
Front and recession 7 nanoseconds
Input resistance about 59 Ohm
Generator (shaper) time constant 20 nanoseconds

  • High-energy physics
  • Electronic equipment for muonic system with drift gas tubes
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Integrated circuits; high-energy physics

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Integrated circuits are introduced in the USA (National accelerating laboratory named by Fermi, Batavia)