Set of electronic devices based on semicustom integrated systems for recording of pulse low-level visible radiation POLOSA

  The set includes integral microcircuit of amplifier-discriminators AD-1.14, AD-1.15, AD-1.16 and
   AD-1.17 of DOM-type.

   The set is designed for registration of signals from multi-pixel avalanche photodiodes of MAPD-1
    type, that are used as photoelectric receptors of scintillation detectors in counter hodoscopes.

    It can be used in muonic systems of experiments “PANDA and “NICA-MPD. Integral microcircuits
   correspondingly consist of amplifiers Ampl-1.14, Ampl-1.15, Ampl-1.16, Ampl-1.17 and
   comparators Disc-1.4 (for AD-1.14, AD-1.15, AD-1.17) and Disc-1.16 (for AD-1.16).

Characteristics of integral microcircuits amplifiers AD-1.3, AD-1.14, AD-1.15, AD-1.16, AD-1.17

Integral microcircuits AD-1.3 AD-1.14 AD-1.15 AD-1.17 AD-1.16
Cermet carcass with 4-sides outlet arrangement 16-outlets N04.16-3b 24-outlets N06.24-1b
Separate switching on of the amplifiers and comparators with blackout of the unused item is allowed
  Integral microcircuits amplifiers
Parameter Ampl-1.3 Ampl-1.14 Ampl-1.15 Ampl-1.17 Ampl-1.16
Supply voltage, V ±3…±5 ±3…±5 ±3…±5 ±3 +5 ±3,5
Input resistance, Ohm 50,0 50,0 50,0 50,0 65
Differential conversion ratio, mV/ microamp 100 (50 for an arm) 20 (10 for an arm) 10 (5 for an arm) 1 (0,5 for an arm) 15,6 (7,8 for an arm)
Pass band on the level –3 dB, MHz 5* 150 170 250 100
Mean square value of the input noise current, when volume of the signal source makes up 10 picofarad, nA 60 110 80 170 145
  Integral microcircuits comparators
Disc-1.4 Disc-1.16
Supply voltage, V
Current consumption, mA






Power consumption, mWatt 92 52
Input urrent, mcA £5,0 0,25
Output current, mA 5,0 3,3
Turn-on/off delay, ns 5,9 11,8
Acceleration time of rise/fall, ns 2,2/1,3 1,1/0,9
Jitter, ns 0,35 0,35

*The pass band may be increased up to 27 MHz