A set of digital diagnostics to evaluate the readings of protection holographic elements

Objective control over holographic elements quality is to protect securities and documents at all stages of production including holograms recording in photoresist, control over the primary master-matrix, and analysis of acryl plate after multiplication, control of parameters of multi-position master matrix and work matrix as well as making the finish product at the stage of impression of protection holographic elements.

A set of digital diagnostics to make objective evaluation of the readings of holographic protection elements enables to make measurements relief holograms diffraction characteristics in stationary conditions and control over the quality of holographic products in the processes of production on impression machine DC-3C

The complex includes diffraction efficiency measurement system and relief hologram quality control during impression process:
diffraction efficiency measurement range, % 0,02 – 100
registration system spatial resolution , μ 70
regenerative radiation wavelengths, nm 470, 525, 620
period of controlled diffraction gratings, μ 0,5 – 3
control rate in the process of holograms impression , cm/s 25

  • polygraphy
  • crypto-equipment

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