Hardware and software complex of cryptographic information protection and control of access to PC, HSC KRIPTOZAMOK

Controlling access to the PC as part of which it is used, separation of powers of operators, cryptographic protection of information processed on a PC.

Information and communication technologies: functioning of hardware and software systems and information protection facilities and control of its security Banking.

APC "Kriptozamok" protects PCs from unauthorized access, encryption of information processed on a PC, provides implementation of digital signature and hash function. APC "Kriptozamok" expands the range of national information security systems to meet modern technical requirements in the field of information protection and enables to increase credibility and reliability of the target systems and means of automation of information processing with relation to safety requirements.

The selected element base of "Kriptozamok" provides the required reliability rate during time between failures and product life cycle for at least 10 years with round-the-clock operation.
The designed HSC “Kriptozamok" simultaneously protects the PC from unauthorized access, guarantees high speed of crypto conversion, ensures implementation of digital signature and hash function. This reduces the number of hardware devices embedded in a PC, and therefore reduces costs to ensure the protection of information.