Data protection

Group of hardware-software devices for random number sequences generation – Klutch

The hardware-software devices are used for generation of key sequences of symbols used by cryptographic systems for information protection.


Hardware and software complex of cryptographic information protection and control of access to PC, HSC KRIPTOZAMOK

The complex is designed for controlling access to the PC as part of which it is used, separation of powers of operators, cryptographic protection of information processed on a PC.


A set of digital diagnostics to evaluate the readings of protection holographic elements

The objective control over holographic elements quality is to protect securities and documents at all stages of production including holograms recording in photoresist, control over the primary master-matrix, and analysis of acryl plate after multiplication, control of parameters of multi-position master matrix and work matrix as well as making the finish product at the stage of impression of protection holographic elements.


Software complex for fast multiplication and exponentiation over large modules using minimally redundant modular Montgomery scheme for cryptosystems

Software package is used to create modular code cryptosystems organization, in particular, the experimental sample RSA cryptosystem


Hardware-software complex "Podpis"

Against unauthorized access using