Installation for the automated measurement of total nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere on the basis of a monochromator

The unit is designed for the determination of total nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere and is based on an automated spectrophotometer that measures the spectral intensity of the scattered solar radiation from the zenith during twilight in the spectral range 435-450 nm

• Measurements are performed at solar zenith angles 84 ° -96 ° in any weather.
• Absence of a servo system simplifies the design of the device and increases its reliability.
• Choice of wavelengths used to determine the slope content of NO2 is found by the spectral characteristics of cross sections of the absorption of NO2 and ozone, and the position of the Fraunhofer lines.
• Process of measurement and data archiving is controlled by an external computer.
• To obtain the results in the form of atmospheric parameters the inverse problem for the propagation of radiation is solved

Technical characteristics:
Spectral range, nm 430 ÷ 460
Scannin space , nm 0,05
Wavelengths repeatability, nm 0,05
Spectral resolution, nm 1,5
Visual angle, ° 9
One spectrum registration time , s 90
Interface RS232C
Operating temperature, o C 20 - +40
Power consumption 500 Вт

• Ecology
• Environmental protection

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