Modular complex for multispectral imaging Multiscan


A complex for remote observation of the Earth's surface from aircrafts equipped with imaging equipment. Multiscan is intended for acquisition and analysis of the data on reflection spectra, temperature, and location of objects from aircraft, such as airplanes, helicopters, drones.


The complex consists of a unit of various sensors connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a computer. It allows the operator to control remotely the entire device or its separate elements: thermal imager, cameras, hyperspectrometer, GPS navigator.

The device is mounted outside the cabin on a special bracket. The Multiscan weighs 4 kg, which enables to use it on small aircrafts. To ensure dust, moisture and shock resistance and other external influences, the sensor unit is covered by a protective casing. The complex can be powered by an internal or external power supply.
Multiscan has no direct analogs in the world and differs from similar devices by its cost, size and complexity.


The complex can be used for applied purposes in various sectors of the economy, such as monitoring of fires, floods, pollution of sewers with oil products. In addition, the device enables to anticipate the temperature rise of peat bogs and prevent ignition by informing specialized services, track the state of reclaimed lands and identify unauthorized quarries and dumps.

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Utility model patent No. 12451 Device for aerospace multispectral imaging.