Hardware-software complex CALIBROVKA for flight calibration of satellite survey systems


Hardware-software complex KALIBROVKA is designed to be used at ground polygons for calibration of aerospace devices for remote sensing of the Earth (RSE), testing and verification of new RSE devices, mathematical planning of RSE experiments, verification and improving of reliability of RSE data decoding through integration of space, aviation and ground segments.

The novelty of the complex consists in simultaneous use of new methods of spectroscopy: integration of spectroradiometers of different spectral ranges, registration of the images of the measured object with a spatial binding of the visual field of the spectroradiometer to the image; geographical binding of the observed objects; simultaneous imaging of the spectra of the reflection of the underlying surface and the illuminating radiation with a high spectral resolution; possibility of measuring of the coefficients of spectral brightness and spectral albedo; registration of spectral-angular dependence of scattered solar radiation in the atmosphere in a large number of spectral channels.

Hardware-software complex KALIBROVKA consists of five spectral devices:
  1. High resolution photo spectroradiometer with the range of 400-900 nm equipped with a digital frame-by-frame video system.
  2. Two-channel modular spectroradiometer of 400-900 nm designed for simultaneous measurement of the reflected light brightness from the underlying surface and the incident intensity.
  3. Portable spectroradiometer (PSR-700) designed for measurement of spectral characteristics of reflectance of test areas in the spectral range of 800-1,500 nm.
  4. Portable spectroradiometer (PSR-1300) designed for measurement of spectral characteristics of reflection of test areas in the spectral range of 1,200-2,500 nm.
  5. Scanning solar spectropolarimeter (SSP-600) designed for measurement of direct sunlight radiation, as well as radiation scattered by the atmosphere at different angles in the spectral range of 350-950 nm.
Purpose indicators:
  • Spectral resolution: 2-5 nm in the range 400-900 nm, 10 nm in the range of 800-1,500 nm, 15 nm in the range of 1200-1500 nm.
  • Simultaneous measurement of incident and reflected radiation (for measurement of the albedo and spectral brightness coefficient)
  • Measurement of angular dependences of reflected radiation
  • Digital registration of the images of the object of spectrometric investigation
  • Simultaneous measurement of optical characteristics of solar radiation (to determine parameters of the atmosphere) and underlying surfaces
  • Errors in measurement of optical parameters of underlying surfaces make up 5-10%
  • Hardware-software complex and special software provide linkage of spectra and images to GPS navigation data (time, geographical coordinates), and joint analysis of spectra and images.
R&D protection

The principle and structure of the video-spectral system developed in Sevchenko Research Institute of Applied Physical Problems of the BSU were described in 9 publications, while separate components and modules of the system have been patented:
  • Utility model patent № 5589 from 30.10.2009;
  • Eurasian patent № 013800 from 08.04.2009;
  • Utility model patent № 9034 from 28.02.2013;
  • Utility model patent № 9667 from 30.10.2013.

KALIBROVKA differs from its analogues by significantly larger number of simultaneously measured parameters of surface and atmosphere radiation, mobility, wider functionality due to expansion of the scientific apparatus and increased number of the spectroradiometers’ channels, presence of solar spectropolarimeter which allows measuring spectral optical thickness of the atmosphere, possibility to work from a remote platform measuring the angles of the optical axes of the devices, use of additional nozzles increasing the number of measured physical quantities (in particular, polarization parameters of radiation).


The hardware-software complex KALIBROVKA is designed to be used at ground and aviation measurements during flight calibration of satellite survey systems and ensuring of ground monitoring of natural and anthropogenic systems, improvement of reliability of detection and forecast of the development of dynamic processes and catastrophic events via methods of remote sensing.

Commercial offer
  • Customized production of the complex (according to the required specifications of the customer);
  • Sale of production licenses, joint production;
  • Joint research, hardware and software improvement.