Photospectral system FSS


Selection of the characteristic spectral bands for solutions of diagnostic problems.
  • Determining the distribution range of "dust" storms
  • Determining the scope of pollutions (monitoring of industrial development and transportation of oil, winter monitoring of industrial cities)
  • Registering the pace of the front and rear of spring snowmelt
  • Study the dynamics of changes in the landscape (overgrowth of arable land, technological impact on the environment)
  • Stdudy of large areas of forest to determine the composition of rocks and assess the impact of fires. etc.
The system includes:
Photospectral FSS system designed as a compact portable autonomous monoblock, allowing shooting both from hands of the operator, and with the bracket mounted on the air and space crafts

It consists of :
• spectroradiometer module (MS) - 0,35-1,05 m, ld = "2" nm
• image registration module (IRM) - Nikon D3, lens 80-400 f
• Electronics module (ME) – Sony VAIO VGN-UX390N
• mounting bracket (MB)
• software (SW)


MS spectral range, m 0,35–1,05
MS spectral resolution, nm 2
MS field of view from height of 400 km, km 0,3 х 0,6
wavelength range, µm 0,4–0,75
IRM Picture elements 4288 х2848
IRM field of view from height 400 km, km 35х 25,5
IRM spatial resolution, 5
FSS size, mm 338 х 334 х310
FSS weight, mm 8,5
MB size, mm 560 х 175 х 207
MB weight, kg 2,7


• Emergences
• Ecology

Forms of cooperation: sale of the finished product

Adaptation of system and software to the task

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