Automated twenty-four-hour IR TV remote system for landscape fires detection and ecological monitoring


   For twenty-four-hour remote fire monitoring of the territories including massifs.
   Provides automation of inflammations control and location and, correspondingly, taking measures at the
   early stage of inflammations, minimization of fire loses.
   The system includes meteorological, radiation and other sensors to carry out ecological monitoring of

  The system provides the following ways of fireplaces detection

  IR- channel:

• open or partial screened combustion areas detection
• detection of screened combustion areas by heat upward flows over the fire placeо
• obtaining of heat fields maps within different periods of time to make prognosis

TV- channel:

  • fire detection by smoky phase of combustion
  • visual analysis of the directions of interest
IR-ТV – system structure

Fire monitoring automated system includes:
  • IR-TV- automated modules of detection installed on 30-40 meter fire towers (the distance between the towers makes 10-15 km.)
  • Digital information receiving- transmitting wireless net when transmitting information by radio channel or using GSM communication devices
  • receiving- transmitting and data processing central station – PCS
IR-TV system is designed in corporation with microprocessor and computer equipment. It is administrated by corresponding programs in automatic mode. Prognosis is carried out at receiving transmitting and data processing central station – PCS. It displays on-line information from meteorological and ecological sensors. It makes a decision on giving alarm signaling.

IR-TV system operates in cyclic or continuous mode (program assigned with PCS).


The system includes
IR-TV-detection modules, up to 128
System IR-channel operation spectral range 2.8 – 5.2 mcm
IR-channel response angular field 7 ang. min
IR-channel minimal temperature resolution, not worse than 0,50 оС
Flame area detection range (6 m^3),
at least
10 km
Spatial distance resolution 10 km-20 m
Controlled area full view time
(3600 – in azimuth and 0-50 in location angle)
Detection time with confirmation (criteria analysis) of fireplace 30 s
Area controlled by one IR-TV detection module- more than 300 km 2
IR-TV modules address-code inquiry periodicity 1 time in 5-10 min (program determined)
TV-channel coverage angle 6 degrees
TV camera black-and-white or color
TV-channel resolution 600 TV lines
TV camera digitized image transmitting time:  
By radio channel ~1-2 min
When using GSM standard ~ 10-30 s
Information exchange: By radio channel with retranslation mode
  Using GSM standard
When using radio channel of information receiving-transmission the power of basic and peripheral radio stations makes 25Wt
Digital information receiving-transmitting with the possibility of tuning or using GSM standard on simplex frequency in the range 137 – 174 MHz
The possibility of connection of meteorological and ecological sensors in each automatic control station up to 128
IR-TV modules and PCS supply voltage 220V + 5% (50 Hz)
Power consumption:  
By single IR-TV detection module up to 150 Wt
PCS 200 Wt
Ambient temperature + 5... +500 оС
Automatic testing of nodes and assemblies of the system with address index of faults  
The software is developed using intuitively understandable control organs for simplicity of studying and application  
IR-TV system maintenance personnel 1-2 persons

  • forestry
  • Ministry for Emergency Situations

Foreign analogues

“Alenia, Italy with much worse characteristics

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