Airborne hardware-software system for on-line remote monitoring of FORESTS - VSK-2

''VSК-2'' is intended for on-line remote monitoring of forests condition from the board of aircrafts. Operation of the ''VSК-2'' and the corresponding software is based on the newest methods of remote spectroscopy and information technologies. Thus ''VSК-2'' provides: registration of high-resolution spectra of the underlying surface and reception of spectral - polarizing images of land simultaneously in 3 spectral zones (chosen by the operator in visible and long-wavelength infrared ranges), preliminary and thematic processing of the received results, their topographical binding to some specific area, construction of thematic image-maps.

Field of application
  • Determination of species structure of timberlands, areas occupied by various forests stands species, borders of coniferous and deciduous forests.
  • State diagnostics of forest plants: degree of withering, infection with different insects and diseases.
  • The control of conducting the forestry works, detection of bounds and squares of clearings and wind lumbering, forest fires consequences, etc.
''VSК-2'' consists of the onboard and stationary sets of the equipment. The onboard set of the equipment includes the remote block of optical modules and the onboard managing computer complex. The remote block of optical modules ''VSК-2'' contains the following components:
  • spectropolarimeter of high resolution МС-09 (weight - 4.5 kg, power consumption - 20 Watt);
  • block of multispectral-polarizing shooting BCPC-01 (weight - 6.3 kg, power consumption - 30 Watt);
  • chamber of survey television control (weight - 3.6 kg, power consumption - 20 Watt);
  • GPS system
  • Forestry and logging
  • Agriculture and forestry
Foreign analogues
Canadian system CASI

Condition of production
Pre-production model

Ready to manufacture (sale)