The system of early warning and alarm on emergencies at chemically hazardous industries

Computer-aided control of object state, weather conditions on the object (air temperature wind velocity and direction), operation in idle mode

  • technological scheme display including control technological parameters values obtained from factory net in real time
  • automatic and manual information input and processing on accidents with the emission on stationary object, on technological pipeline on the territory of the enterprise , as well as in arbitrary spot (while transporting a hazardous substance)
  • calculation of characteristics of possible and actual contamination
  • visualization of estimation zone of possible contamination on electronic map including display of dynamics of front edge of contaminated air in real time
  • determination of neighboring business facilities and populated localities falling into a zone of possible and actual contamination within the radius of 2 kilometers from the enterprise
  • consequence of actions of the system and directly dispatcher taking into consideration the situation
  • issue of text messages on the screen and speech messages through dispatcher’s loud speakers
  • automatic warning of authorities and employees, local administration , emergency services , neighboring enterprises and others under Emergency Response Assistance Plan and detailed recording and time-keeping of the actions of a dispatcher and the system as a whole.

  • chemical industry
  • ecology
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