Flight data processing automated system - DVINA-M

Flight information read-out from on-board registration devices "Tester", MSRP-64, etc.

The automated processing, express analysis of flights, three-dimensional visualization of flight on a coded map.

  • The systems consists of the following hardware components:
  • The automated objective control group engineer's workplace (automated workplace), containing personal computer, means for results archiving and documenting,
  • Technical devices of flight information rewriting, containing the flight information transfer block (FITB) and a set of connection cables
  • Flight information transfer block (FITB) with onboard devices of registration and an automated workplace
System characteri stics:
Flight information transfer block (FITB) is intended for operation within the temperature range from -40°С up to +50°С
Relative air humidity up to 98 %
In conditions of high vibration with frequency of 5-80 Hz
With acceleration up to 4g
Impacts up to 15g
Volume of non-volatile memory of the FITB 16Мb (not less than 8 hours of flight)
1-hour flight rerecording time (from FITB into an automated workplace) no more than 30 seconds
1-hour flight processing time (via an automated workplace) on the average 5 minutes
Weight of FITB no more than 1.5 kg

Aircrafts, onboard registration and flight information devices (ORD). Double purpose

Foreign analogues
"Topaz" Russia, "Review" Russia

Condition of production
Small-scale manufacture

Copyright protection
No patent has been taken out yet

In 2004 the system has been added to the country's arsenal (it is being used by the Air Forces and Anti-Aircraft Defense Forces)