Automatic system to control machinery parts chemical and thermal processing - TERMOSTIEL


   To modernize thermal equipment for machine parts chemical and thermal processing at machine-building
   enterprises. It improves the quality of machine parts, reduces the scrap rate, decreases thermal energy of
   enterprise’s thermal equipment y. Use of technical tools enables easy adaptation ACS to any type of
   automated thermal equipment and build control systems for both chamber and shaft furnaces of chemical
    heat treatment of metals of any type.

The system includes:

a set of devices reading characteristics of technological process, which are installed on the production line as well as software to control the process l:
  1. ACS to control silo furnaces
  2. ACS to control endero generator

Controlled atmosphere furnace gas components - CO2, CO, CH4.
The range of measured concentrations of CO2 - (0.01 - 5)% vol., CO - (0.01 - 30)% vol.,
CH4 - (0.01 - 30)% vol.,
Settling time of the sensor output signal 3s.
The range of control carbon potential in the furnace atmosphere of thermal equipment is 0.1 - 1.5%.
Limit the relative measurement error of ± 3%.
Warm-up mode time – 300s
Carbon potential stabilization error of 0.05%.
Operating temperature - (0 - 50) oC.
Power consumption 120 watts.
Weight of control box 15 kg.


Mechanical engineering

Commercial offer:

Making ASC in accordance with customer’s specifications

Foreign analogs

Automatic control system of machine parts chemical and thermal processing is not inferior to foreign analogues. Analogs manufactured by «Ipsen» (Germany), «Elerma» (Poland), CJSC "Glow" Russia.


In 2010 the system was delivered to profile e enterprises of the Republic of Belarus:

• RUE "Borisov plant Autogydrousilitel"
• RUE "Borisov plant of aggregatess"
• RUE "Gomel Plant of casting and normal"
• RUE "Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units»
• Republican unitary enterprise «Orsha Tool Works"
• RUE "Smorgon Aggregate Plant"
• GTIN "Devices, measuring and technical diagnostics"